Theme: The Art of Inking
15th January 2020

In the 23rd chapter meeting, which was based on the Art of Inking, really motivates us as to how inking historically segregated a clan of people. TMoD Sulagno passed it swiftly into listeners that Inking can also be harmful in a certain misuse of ink. At the same time, TM Narottam ignited in the audience the need of Guru in life, who can guide us self-understanding. Effective difference in communication style very wonderfully described by TM Subhajit. And how it can make different results. TM Dhrubo’s approach to leadership skill & decision making was even distinct as he described in his speech apparently speaks a lot about his decisive decision.

Speaker 1: TM Narottam
Speaker 2: TM Subhajit
Speaker 3: TM Dhrubo

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