Theme: Saraswati Pooja
Date: 29th January, 2020

When devotion comes to being the theme for a meeting, everyone loves to celebrate together. TM Nilu very wonderfully highlighted the aspects of Saraswati Puja and how we celebrate it to receive Goddess Satrswati’s blessings in education, arts and relevant skills. In the session, TM Narottam shed some light on the skills of Negotiation. TM Sulagno presented his Level 2 Project-1 speech on Leadership Skills and inspired us through his words. The crowd was equally enthusiastic about hearing TM Samarendra’s speech on e-Waste Management, which brought him the ‘Best Speaker’ and the ‘Most Improved Speaker’ titles for the evening. Looking ahead to an interesting and special Table Topics session in the coming week.

Speaker 1: TM Narottam
Speaker 2: TM Sulagno
Speaker 3: TM Samarendra

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