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Date: 09th January 2020

It was just the 2nd chapter of the New year meet, hitting the 22nd chapter of our club. Communication directly depends on connecting effectively. With new ways and ideas shared by TMoD Narottam, communication with everyone is possible when we successfully overcome the communication barrier. Even it was great to listen to TM Dhrubo who shared the evolution of Coffee, from Kopi Luwak. This particular beverage is one of the most liked drinks, but its evolution story makes it more interesting. We were also amazed by TM Subhajit’s speech on Leadership skills. TM Soubhik threw some light on the evolution of medicine from venom and how it’s healing humans for ages. Prevention and Preservation of wildlife are equally important these days.

Speaker 1: TM Dhrubo Jyoti
Speaker 2: TM Subhajit
Speaker 3: TM Soubhik

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