Theme : I Want you to live Happily

Date: 20th June, 2020

The show was actually stolen when TMOD mentioned ‘I want you to live Happily’. There are always several aspects of life which actually helps us to live happily. Briefing every aspect through this digital platform TMOD Soumita really glued the audience with immense happiness she wanted to impart. The Tabletopics master even helped to impart more happiness with her interesting topics which almost everyone took part. Having one of the good General Evaluators in the virtual room every aspect of the meeting was evaluated and we learnt to focus on which lesser aspects. and Finally, the President with a great ending note and a charming group selfie adjourned the session.

Speaker 1 : TM Swareena

Speaker 2 : TM Mehul

Speaker 2 : TM Meenakshi

Post Author: Soubhik Sen

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