Theme: Memes
Date: 11th April, 2020

It was first Tri Club Meet, New Town Toastmasters Club, Gurgaon Orators Toastmasters Club & Inspiria Toastmasters Club. The session started with a great enthusiasm within the role players and the Guest. This enthusiasm was even more fueled by TMOD Siddharth with an interesting Theme Memes. His interactive speech actually glued the audience & made it fun to participate with quizzes. The speakers even performed and extra ordinary job to give wonderful speeches that glued the audience even more. The Table topics section was the surprise as always which made the session enjoyable. Both the 3 presidents closed the meeting with kind words & hope to meet again soon.

Speaker 1 : TM Ashish

Speaker 2 : TM Anuj

Speaker 3 : TM Dimpi

Speaker 4 : TM Kiran

Speaker 5 : TM Anurag

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