Date: 4th September 2019

Theme: The Proposal 

Description: TMOD Toastmaster Krishnesh took us through an evening full of humorous excerpts from the past. He shared the moments from an evening at the occasion of a wedding proposal and how brought forth stories of the nervous groom-to-be. 

TM Narottam delivered his ice-breaker speech and caught the audience’s attention with the story of his life’s journey from being a taxi driver to becoming a computer engineer, all of which was possible only because of his constant hard work and dedication.

TM Md. Riaz delivered his ice-breaking speech. The audience stayed glued to this speech throughout as he shared the element of fun behind his date of birth (1st April) and then took us through hilarious incidents from his professional life.

TM Abhishek delivered his ice-breaker speech and talked about his transformation from a notorious child to a shy, silent personality who eventually identifies his interests and landed up being the best in this field.

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