Theme: Superheroes 

Date: 31st July 2019

Description: The 1st Chapter Meeting of our club opened with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Members showed full support and encourage and the President opened the meeting with the Toastmasters Oath. 

TMOD Toastmaster Sulagno conducted the meeting themed on Superheroes. He shared the stories of the Marvel and DC Superheroes and also addressed the various challenges that these superheroes may face while exercising their superpowers. TM Sulagno kept examples of times when ordinary humans can do the extraordinary and help other humans and animals around themselves, thus coming forth as the real-life Superheroes. 

TM Atritra delivered his ice-breaker speech where he spoke of his journey as an established swimmer and encouraged everyone present to take up an activity that they would like, in order to achieve optimum physical and mental fitness.

TM Dhrubo delivered his ice-breaker speech on his life-experiences while frequently relocating to various parts of the country, pertaining to his parent’s transferrable jobs. He spoke of his love for Bengal and laid the objective of his speech on the Bengali cultures and traditions, especially the ones oriented with the grand Bengali weddings.

TM Shalini delivered her ice-breaker speech where she spoke of her journey as a notorious kid. She emphasized how she broke free from the adversities related to her choice of career paths and pulled herself up to a place where she felt totally suited and accepted in.

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